Case Study : Global Special Services


Operating in both a global environment and volatile national unlicensed medicinal market poses challenges in the supply for quick turnaround. In cases where poor communication from the market on shortages applies to unique drugs, patients are at a higher risk of not receiving treatment.


Our teams at PharmaSource and Durbin have developed a uniquely adaptable supply chain with an extensive network of global specialised freight carriers which:

  • Allows for the fastest possible turnaround times on shipments in urgent cases
  • Offers an ability to navigate difficult shipments 1) temperature controlled 2) hazardous
  • Typically includes a collaborative approach across 6 different parties for such specialised shipments


  • Surgeries not postponed saving time for customers along with ensuring the patient receives treatment when necessary
  • Precision navigation through global network and associated regulatory requirements to ensure no impact to lead time
  • Confidence from our customers

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