Governance, Quality & Compliance

The Group seeks continuous improvement in the areas of Governance, Quality & Compliance. Details in relation to our Corporate Governance compliance are available in our Corporate Governance Statement available here

Product Quality & Patient Safety

The healthcare industry is a highly regulated industry and this regulation is essential to protect the health and safety of people who use the products and services we supply. The Group works hard to ensure that the products we supply reach the patient in perfect condition and that we provide all services in an ethical and compliant manner.

Uniphar has in place a robust quality management system (QMS), underpinned by the core GxP regulatory requirements, which also ensures alignment and ongoing certification with ISO 9001 2015. This allows us to comply with the many regulatory regimes, including importation, storage, distribution of product in accordance with EU GDP regulations as well as promotion of and engagement with pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers in an ethical and complaint manner.

The Group’s QMS is based on risk assessment methodologies, deviations, corrective actions and change controls. 2020 has seen the benefits of the project commenced in 2019 to harmonise our approach to quality across all our locations with the roll-out of our electronic QMS across all divisions and business units. This investment in technology supports the quality centric approach of the Group.

The Quality Culture at Uniphar

Uniphar is committed to successful collaboration with all our customers, partners and stakeholders to ensure their regulatory expectations and needs are met. Through extensive training the Group places a focus on a quality culture and a strong understanding of quality risk management which allows us to meet or exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners.

Risk Management

The Group has a robust risk management framework in place which provides the structure for managing the principal risks of the business. In addition, the quality and regulatory personnel across the Group perform regular risk assessments and have robust validation processes in place.

Regulatory Expertise

The Group appreciates the importance of regulatory expertise in navigating the ever-changing regulatory environment in which we operate. We pride ourselves on the depth of expertise in this field across the Group and acquisitions such as Diligent Health Solutions and RRD International serve to greatly enhance our regulatory know-how and capabilities. 

Business Ethics

Uniphar is committed to embodying and promoting a corporate culture that is based on sound ethical values and behaviours and using it as an asset and a source of competitive advantage within its business. The Group has a Whistle Blower policy in place establishing a structure where behaviours which depart from this ethical culture can be reported whilst protecting the rights of the Whistle Blower.

Anti-bribery & Corruption

The Group has in place an anti-bribery and corruption policy and adopts a zero-tolerance approach to all forms of bribery and corruption. These standards are communicated to, and expected of, all employees.

Human Rights

The Group is opposed to any form of slavery and human trafficking and conducts its business in line with the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015 and has a Modern Slavery Policy in place which is available here.

GDPR & Customer Privacy

During 2020, Uniphar implemented an enhanced GDPR framework across the Group, including the appointment of designated data protection officers within each division.

Uniphar meets the accountability principle of the GDPR through the following activities:  

  • Group Data Protection Officer and designated Divisional Data Protection Officers
  • Data Protection leadership and oversight
  • Response procedures for handling subject access requests, breaches and internal non-compliance  
  • Monitoring and verification of internal compliance with data protection regulations   
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Transparent communication of privacy policies to data subjects   
  • Implementation of Data Protection policies and procedures
  • Risk assessments of high-risk processing activities

The Group has a Privacy Policy which is available here and a Data Protection Policy which is available to the workforce.