Business Solutions & Innovation

During 2020, as part of our materiality assessment, the Group identified a fifth pillar of sustainability – Business Solutions and Innovation.

This is an area the Group is particularly passionate about and an area that our stakeholders will recognise as synonymous with how Uniphar does business.

Business Resilience

Business resilience was a topic that was thrust into the spotlight across all industries in the wake of Covid-19. As a Group we are extremely proud of how the business has performed in these challenging times and diversity in product portfolios and services offerings was key to this.

Whilst the healthcare industry remained essential throughout the pandemic, the Covid-19 crisis also presented huge challenges to those working in the healthcare sector. The strength, depth and resilience of our teams, coupled with our investment in digital platforms and systems, meant that the Group was well positioned to face these challenges and to continue to deliver growth.

We believe the ability of our senior managers to adapt traditional business models, product portfolios and services offerings to continue to deliver growth in these challenging times demonstrates true business resilience.


Innovation is at the heart of Uniphar. The Group is constantly looking to improve how we operate, to enhance efficiencies and to be best in class in all that we do.

This innovative culture is seen in all areas of the business from implementing improvements in existing systems, evaluating new acquisition opportunities and enhancing our digital capabilities.

The strategic acquisitions in 2020 of both Innerstrength and Diligent Health Solutions further support our innovative culture.  Innerstrength is a software development business whose products are designed to improve patient outcomes, while Diligent Health Solutions provides digital communication solutions in an era where digital communication is proving more essential than ever and supports our multichannel capabilities and service offerings to our customers enabling them to adapt to changing times.