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Insight-driven product launch achieved growth from £48k -£4.5M


  • To support a client in their launch/growth of a Cardiovascular product
  • To develop a strategy to define the future re-launch of a 4th to market CV brand
  • To recruit, train and manage a team of Territory Sales Managers (Primary and Secondary Care), across the UK to deliver exceptional sales results for newly launched product (initial build 2017)


  • Team developed a strategy with a commercial focus, and resourced to develop perfect implementation
  • Initially identified 5 brands with the same characteristics as the brand we were working on
  • Identified the drivers that were engaging with HCPs and drove sales, and then profiled each LHE to understand how reactive it was to promotion (P2P)
  • Identified the organisations and key stakeholders within each LHE that influenced product uptake and how these customers could be engaged with
  • Resources where then focused in the areas where the quickest uptake was likely and where the right customers were accessible
  • As areas guidance and formularies were switched on, we then applied different resources according to the needs of each area
  • Initial build of 5 representatives, all sourced / interviewed and assessed


  • Cardiology team increased from 5 to 76 heads due to sales impact
  • Due to success this team grew to 33 heads in 2018, and 76 head in 2019
  • Most recent build of 49 heads was completed over a nine-week period
  • Sales growth from £48k to £4.5m per month

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