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Uniphar Plc appoints Graham McIntosh as Managing Director of Commercial and Clinical (Pharma)

1 June, 2019

Uniphar is delighted to appoint Graham McIntosh as its Managing Director of Commercial and Clinical (Pharma). 
Graham (Mac) has 33 years’ experience in the industry, with the last 19 years spent on the service side in international senior management roles with both Ashfield & Bionical. Graham will oversee Star Ireland & UK, Outico, Point of Care and Clinical Cube. Each of the businesses are unique and bring their own strengths, so when combined means that Uniphar can offer a broader service to their clients, addressing their ever-evolving needs in the digital age.

The Commercial & Clinical (Pharma) business unit has more than 450 employees, 90% of whom are field based and 70% of whom are clinically trained. This unit has personnel active in Ireland, the UK and the Benelux. Graham and the senior management team will be focussed on providing insight-driven, multi-channel solutions for speciality pharmaceutical products.

Over the last 12 months, the Group has added new high growth potential technologies to its portfolio including: – Launching a capsule endoscope system into the Benelux. The capsule captures images of the GI tract, which are sent via Human Body Communication to sensor pads which are affixed to the patient body; and – Launching a new peptide enhanced bone graft technology platform into the UK, aimed at enhancing the body’s natural bone healing process in fractures that fail to heal properly. 


Brian O’Shaughnessy 
Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Development
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